A recent article indicated that White female teacher was unable to protect her job after protecting a Black student from being bullied by White students. As school districts demand that White teachers enhance the education of Black students, White teachers will become increasingly responsible for protecting Black students.

For example, in the District of Columbia Public Schools, teachers and administrators have been directed to protect Black students from certain disciplinary infractions. Even the federal government has an initiative that threatens school districts for enabling racism that contributes to the demise of Black students. White teachers will have to implement classroom strategies that ensure their survival in the classroom.

The first tip that a White teacher can use to protect their job is to never use sarcasm when correcting White students for bullying Black students. Many White dominant school districts have a higher level of parental participation and many White parents will refuse to accept any discipline that is deemed racially motivated. White parents will insist that any disciplinary consequence be rescinded.

The second tip is to never correct White students for bullying Black students in public. This type of correction can become embarrassing for the White student. Once it becomes an embarrassment they will report it to their parents. The parents will respond by making the situation difficult for school administrators. The school administrators will the situation difficult for the teacher.

The third tip for a White teacher protecting their job is to develop a process for reporting racial bullying. Before the possibility of the incident happening meet with your administrator to outline an acceptable reporting process. Follow up with an email to the administrator to document your discussions.

The fourth tip is to learn the different cultural tendencies of your Black students. When you begin to discipline Black children for their cultural difference in front of the other students, the White students may see it as an opportunity to join in which could be the beginning of the bullying process.

When all else seems to fail, the White teacher can protect their job by developing culturally sensitive lesson plans that teach students to respect people from all ethnicities. Do not wait until Black history month to implement this curriculum strategy.


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