A recent California ruling has the local teachers union fighting to save their constituents tenure rights and seniority provisions. On the opposite coast, the New York City is facing the same challenges. Critics believe that the two largest teachers unions in the country – California and New York – are standing in the way of needed educational reform.

The educational reform that is needed will have students and parents once again excited about education while some teachers may become so frustrated that they may leave the teaching profession for an different career. Black parents are excited because now they will believe that their children have an equal opportunity to overcome the perpetual cycle that continues to create a permanent underclass. They blame teachers and the teachers union that protest teachers because it seems that they are derelict in their responsibility to educate all children. It looks like teachers are getting paid to fail children while their is no accountability in place for the children’s failure.

Teachers are frustrated because they believe that many of the challenges that their students face have nothing to do with the classroom. For example, they believe that they are not responsible for children not having a nutritious meal before they attend school. The may also feel frustrated because teachers are not responsible for the perceived poor behavior that children bring into the classroom. There are a many other challenges for teachers and in order for them to survive the seek and pay the teachers union to protect their vested interest.

The teachers union would better serve it teachers by helping them to better understand the cultural differences in the classroom. When classroom cultural differences in the classroom remain unchecked the impeding result is disaster. That is why organizations such as Students Matter, New York City Parents Union, and the Partnerships for Educational Justice seek litigation so that disadvantaged students will have an opportunity to break the perpetual cycle that continue to create an permanent underclass of disadvantaged and historically underserved peoples. Teachers unions cans support their teachers and show the public that it is not their intent to placate efforts to improve the education of Black students by eliminating classroom racism.

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